Obtaining a return approval

If you need to send your suit back, please contact us first to obtain a return approval. Most of the time we need to ask questions, especially if it is about the fit, and we need you to have the suit with you for this. We will work with you in finding a solution.

Here are the steps to follow:

Read and understand our fees:  Click here to read article

Take a detailed video of you in the suit, showing and verbally explaining the areas that do not fit, manufacture errors, etc… Also, take as many pictures as you think necessary. Make sure you include a front and a back full body picture so we can see the overall fit.
We will get back to you within 48 hours.
Wait before sending the suit until we tell you to do so. Any suit sent without details and/or pictures of the issues will not be repaired and will be shipped back to the owner at their own expense.

PLEASE NOTE! If you decide to have the suit altered by a local tailor or rigger, do at your own risk as it will void our warranty. If you are not satisfied with your tailor's repair and want to send it back to us, you will be responsible for ALL repair and shipping costs. Also, we cannot warranty that we can repair the work of others efficiently, so we may not be able to repair it all together.

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