Return Shipping Procedures

Once we give you the OK to send a suit back, please download, print, fill and include this return form in your package. It is different than the first form you filled and important so our staff know to whom the suit belongs and where to ship your suit back. You can send your suit to:

Vertical Suits 
4-18300, Ford Road 
Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 0C6 
Wash your suit
If your suit is dirty please wash it before shipping it back. You can refer to these instructions to wash it. Dirt, sweat and soap build up damage our sewing machines so we need to work on clean materials. If we need to wash your suit before working on it there will be a $30 cleaning fee added to the repair cost.
Shipping Procedures to Follow
Make sure you read and understand the following procedures. 
If you do not want to pay extra duty taxes or brokerage fees: Send your suit with regular mail, standard or express depending the speed you want the package to get here. Ask for a tracking number.
Put as description of good: Product purchased in Canada being returned for repair value of $50.00CAD. Do not put the value of the suit, as we will need to pay duties to retrieve your package. Do not use Fedex or UPS. These shipping companies charge duty taxes and brokerage fees, which we have to invoice back.
If you would prefer to use UPS, Fedex or a similar company, or if you wish to insure your package for it's value, it is very important that you let us know before sending your suit back, as we will need to pay fees to retrieve your package and need to inform our staff of the expected fees. Our staff do not carry cash on them and therefore will not be able to accept any packages with fees unless it has been pre-arranged. Please note that you will be invoiced back for these fees. 

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