White fabrics

White looks awesome but it is also a more "high-maintenance" fabric.

Before ordering a suit with lots of white, please consider these factors:

• White is more see-through than darker shades. Consider this when designing your suit, if you want white on your torso, upper legs or seat. Putting mesh helps a little, but the mesh will be somewhat visible through the white. Although the more you wear, use and wash your suit, it will become a little more opaque but not necessarily completely. 

• White is more prone to stains! Also it is more prone of yellowing or browning, especially when jumping is more polluted areas or if you wash your suit in hard water, metals can yellow your suit.  So you have to put extra care in maintaining your suit.

• Brighter and darker shades sometimes bleed on white areas if the washing was not done properly. Once shades like red bleed on white, there is little you can do to fix it.

That being said, white suits do look great and with the proper care you can rock your white suit for years!

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