How to choose the right booties

Booties are an essential part of formation skydiving (RW) suits. They are traditionally made of Cordura and wrap around your feet to create extra power. They act like a "fin" and help you deflect air. This makes your lower legs much more responsive to smaller movement, allowing you to move quickly in a belly position and making it easier to perform quick turns, side slides, forward movements and tracking away.

We offer 3 types of booties: Standard, Booster and Competition.

What should you go with? Well it depends on the amount of power you are looking for. Remember that more power is not always the best way to go, depending on your experience and what kind of flying you intend to do. The more power the bootie offers, the harder it is to control as well.

If you are new to the sport or new to flying booties, or if you are flying at a recreational level and not looking to do serious competitions, we would suggest you go with our standard ones. You will get plenty of power while keeping it easy to control. You can also add the vented option, which will give it more lift and more power.

Booster booties have a more aggressive shape, therefore allowing you to push your flying skills further. They will help you perform a little faster, which is helpful is squeezing more points on a dive or close the distance faster in big-way formations. 

Competition booties say it all, if you are flying at a competitive level, and need all the power you can possibly get to achieve out-of-this world formation dives that will put you on the podium, look no further, this is what you need: A powerful bootie, allowing you to be fast and precise.

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