Washing RW suits with grippers

Our RW grippers are made of heavy duty braided cord, which makes them last forever while being comfortable and powerful, but sometimes when you wash them you can notice that the grippers have a tendency of retaining some water. Some other manufacturers use foam, so if you were used to care for another type of RW suit, your may find it is a bit different with your Vertical.

We suggest you try to minimise washing your suit, and is possible surface wash when you can instead of putting in the washing machine. One tip is to put your suit inside-out after a day of flying and let it air out, it will keep it fresher longer!

But for those time you absolutely need a deep wash, follow these instructions below:

When washing your RW suit, make sure you close the zipper and fasten any velcro parts so it doesn't cause damage. Select a gentle wash cycle in a front load washing machine to avoid fabric distortion. Use a no-detergent cleaner and avoid bleach at all cost. Once your cycle is finished you can squeeze the grippers to let most of the water out before you hang it to dry.

Following these instructions will make sure your suit dries fast so you can get back in the air super quick!

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