Washing Instructions

Over the last 10 years we did lots of experimentations with our suits. We even abused them to find out what can pass and what breaks them! Using bleach, testing different soaps, keeping velcro bits unfastened, forgetting them in the washer overnight... you name it :)
This is how we recommend to wash your suit to maximise it's life:
Fasten any Velcro before wash.
Wash alone, in cold water, on a gentle cycle. If the suit is lightly soiled, do not use detergent, water will do the job for a quick refresh. If you need to use soap, we recommend you use a no-detergent laundry soap. Avoid mainstream detergents like Tide, Clorox and all the likes. Use gentle and unscented or specialized outdoor gear laundry soap and use half of the recommended dose. Spot clean when possible instead of doing a full wash. 
Do not use bleach, additives or harsh detergent. These can cause permanent damage to the fabric, like yellowing whites, fading colors or make fabric prone to tears.
Remove from the washer as soon as the cycle is done. Leaving the suit wet in the washer after the cycle is done may cause colours to bleed.
Hang to dry, in a shaded spot, do not tumble dry.
White fabrics
If your white suit is now brownish-grey, do a regular wash then hang to dry in a sunny spot. Sun acts as a natural bleach on organic stains (meaning it wont bleach ink or anything synthetic but will bleach dirt, grass even blood to a certain extent) and will not yellow whites. Keep it in the sun only for a couple hours to avoid fading the other colors. Using bleach or harsh detergent may turn the white yellow, we do not recommend it.

We do not guarantee color fastness on some materials. Some colors have a tendency to bleed. It is your entire responsibility to follow the care instructions. Vertical Suits is not responsible for any problems regarding color issues due to bleeding, yellowing, fading or anything else.

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