Getting production updates on your suit

You have ordered your custom suit and cannot wait to receive it! We know the feeling and are working as fast as possible to get it you in the shortest delays. If you want to know where your suit is in our production line, here are the steps to get an ETA:
2. Under Order History, select your order number and click on it. 
Note that the Fulfillment Status you see there will remain Unfulfilled until your suit is shipped. So this is not an indicator of your ETA.
3. Under the Suit model and design number, click on "View/print your measurements"
4. In the upper right corner, there is a grey square with the suit status and estimated shipping date.
Note that the estimated shipping date is the shortest time of the production timeline. For example if the time is 12 to 14 weeks, your estimated date marks the 12th week, so it may be shipped 2 weeks later than that without being late. We always aim for a shorter time but it's not always feasible.
Statuses meaning:
New Order: This means your order was received but not paid. It is currently pending until we receive your payment.
Pending: Your order is on hold. We already contacted you regarding what we need from you in order to move on.
Paid: We received your order and payment, and are currently reviewing all designs and options your selected to make sure the order is complete. If you chose custom embroidery, we will be in touch shortly.
Ready: Your order was reviewed and it's good to go. 
Pattern in: Your order is with our pattern maker. Your pattern is being made. We may contact you at that point if we have any questions on your measurements.  See this article for more info.
Pattern out: Your pattern is all done.

Marker: Your pattern file is converted into a digital cutting file and ready to be cut.

Cut: Your suit was precisely cut on our automated cutting machine, it is now with our embroidery department where it will be embroidered.
Embroidered: Embroidery is all done. Your suit is with our sewing department.
Prepped: Your suit is partly sewn.
Sew in: Your suit is being finalized.
Sewn: Your suit is ready and with our shipping department. After a final inspection it will be shipped to you. You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number shortly!
Shipped: Your suit is on it's way to you if it's not already there. 

5. If you still have questions, the best way is to use our live chat or send us an email to inquire.

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