Production Timeline

We provide an estimated production timeline in order to help you plan ahead and know when your order should arrive. Sometimes, we deliver much faster than the estimated timeline, but sometimes it takes longer. We always do our absolute best to deliver before the estimated timeline, but sometimes we get large contracts, even several large contracts all at once, and it backs up our production line and we can get a few weeks behind.

Since we never outsource, and we want to keep high quality standards, we never cut corners in order to go faster. We are continually expanding and modernizing our production line in order to keep timelines short, working overtime if we have to. 
We really appreciate your patience and comprehension, and we want you to rest assured that we are always working very hard to give you the best suits on the market today with the fastest timeline possible.
Our current timeline is 4-5 weeks ready to ship. We have 3 weeks rush available as well. You can select your option in your order form.

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