Costs to repair suits

Alterations and repair fees

We charge a flat fee of $85 plus shipping for any repairs and alterations resulting from the suit not fitting properly*.

If you need to have any repairs or alterations done on your new suit due to an error on our side, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving your suit to have the flat fee waived. After 30 days, the flat fee will be charged regardless of the repair or alteration needed unless it is something under warranty.

Note that we may still charge the flat fee during the 30 day period if the alteration needed is due to something out of our control (ie:measurement error, error when ordering or for personal preference).

If you need to send in your suit for any repairs not covered under the flat fee, we charge $60/hourly plus material cost, shipping and taxes if applicable.

*Examples of repairs/alterations not covered under the flat fee are: 
• Repairs to the torso due to torso measurement not being accurate
• Re-fit of the suit due to change in your weight 
• Repairs exceeding 2 hours of work
• Holes, cuts, broken parts due to abuse, harsh landings, wall burns, etc.. 
• Old broken zippers or parts 
• Changes in your desired options (ex: add a new option to your suit) 
• Personal preferences

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