Sublimation Printing

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We can print on most fabric. Sublimation printing embeds the ink in the fabric so it will not crack or peel like screen printing does. The only downside is that we need to print on white fabric and you usually cannot exactly match a "normal" fabric die, also on stretchy fabric you will see some of the white showing when the fabric is stretched. It is not overly noticeable but it is a fact and it is unavoidable.  Below are the main guidelines if you wish to have your suit sublimated.

Special Limited Edition Prints

We do limited editions print runs. You can select the print you like on the order forms directly. Each fabric type takes the ink a little different. For best results only choose one fabric type per color of prints. There is $20 mock-up fee that is charged when you order, the rest will be invoiced separately. Before cutting your suit we will send you a mock up to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the look. Then we will invoice as follows:

Taslan, Cordura160, Cordura Naturalle
1 panel: $25
2 panels: $35
3 panels: $45
4 panels: $55
5 panels and more: $60
Windproof Spandex 
All Articulations: $50
Lycra Spandex
Cuffs and Collar: $45
Additional Special Print color set up: $20 per color.

Custom Sublimation

With sublimation we can do pretty much anything but note that matching black fabric is nearly impossible, For best results if you need a black background choose a contrasting color for the adjacent panels.

You can supply your own artwork or you can ask us to create custom artwork for you. Graphic design services are $65 per hour. This will be invoiced separately once we know what is involved in your design.

Set Up 

There is a Set Up fee charged. This covers the creation of a personalized mock up for your order as well as setting up the printing files. It includes up to 1 hour of graphic design services. Extra hours will be billed at $65. This is not refundable once the mock up has been started, even if you decide not to go for printing. (We will email you before starting so you do have a chance to cancel before we start working on your design)

Any custom sublimation may delay your suit production of 2 to 3 weeks, even if you chose rush. The set up fee is $195.

Printing Costs

Costs are per panels/sections.

Sleeve: $35
Torso: $75
Back: $50
Leg: $45
Spandex Articulations: $65

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