Embroidery Costs

Vertical Logos are free of charge.


There is a Mock-Up fee charged. This covers the creation of a personalized mock up for your order as well as setting up the embroidery files. This is not refundable once the mock up has been done and approved, even if you decide not to go for embroidery.


A digitized file is a digital file containing all the stitching and color information of the embroidery. This is the file the embroidery machine reads to embroider. The quality of this file is very important. A poorly digitized file will result in poor quality embroidery, that will not only look funky, but also risks to unravel quickly in free fall or tunnel flying. We always check for the quality of files that you supply us and run samples before embroidering on the suit itself.

If we do not have the files already digitized and you cannot supply us with an .EMB or .DST file, we can digitize the file for you. Digitizing costs vary based on complexity and size. Usually between $50 to $95+ if very big and complex.


Custom embroidery pricing varies based on size and complexity of each logos.  Each embroidery is billed based on the amount of stitches. Most embroidery will range between $15 and $50 each.

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