Difference between Taslan, Cordura 160 and Nylon

Taslan is the fabric used in the big majority of jumpsuits you see around your DZ and tunnel. It is lightweight yet strong and breathable. Taslan is great for all types of flying.

Cordura 160 looks similar than Taslan but is less porous and slightly stronger. It is preferred by advanced flyers, as it gives more power and precision, mainly for dynamic flying.

We do not recommend using both Taslan and Cordura 160 on the same suit. The two fabrics are very similar but have a different sheen to it. There is no benefit in only adding Cordura 160 to the lower legs or arms, and note that Cordura 160 if different than Cordura 1000, the one we use on elbows, knees and seat. If you need more drag, we recommend adding an extra layer instead.  Read more on extra layers here.

Nylon is a non-porous fabric, which eliminates drag and makes you fly faster. Since it is non-porous, it is not a breathable fabric and increases warmth. You should choose nylon only if you need to increase your fall rate or have a specific need for it.

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